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  1. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Does anyone actually know if the eBay titan headers for 790/890 duke fits in the 890? Heard so manny different opinions on this, but all is hearsay. I want to know if someone have measured inner dimensions, or if someone have mounted the titan header from eBay/aliexpress that supposedly work on...
  2. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Painted the exhaust black to match the slip on. It's painted with high temp paint. I painted a few coats, oven cured, painted a few more coats and am idling the bike. I'm hoping the sheer number of coats will help but it's still very susceptible to marks. I'm unsure of how well it will fare...
  3. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    I'm selling the below exhaust items: Austin Racing V3 200mm black ceramic silencer/slip-on exhaust with the laser etched logo. Paid ~960 shipped. Asking $700 shipped OBO. SC Project decat / link pipe. Paid ~$350 shipped. Asking $200 shipped OBO. I ordered them direct from the...
  4. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    Greetings, I have a full system Akrapovic exhaust on my 890R that got truly hacked in a track incident. Does anyone know is another slip from either Akrapovic or another manufacturer will fit on the Akrapovic headers? Any suggestions? Grateful for any information. Cheers
  5. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    SOLD Great condition. Still has original box, stickers and instructions. Purchased from this forum last month and after much thought,, I decided to keep my akrapovic instead. let me know of you have any questions. Also, expect $50 in shipping added to the 500. Message me send me your...
  6. 790-890 Duke Exhaust And Headers
    Has anyone upgraded from a 790 to and 890 and swapped the Akra slip on? The standard silencer is the same part number for both bikes so I'm thinking the slip-on would also translate. Any ideas?
  7. 790-890 Duke Exhaust And Headers
    Hi everyone, I am interested in buying an aftermarket exhaust for my duke 890. Now I'm looking for the S1 from SC Project and i run in a doubt, if the the passenger, in particular with S1 Exhaust from SC, touches with the leg the end part of the muffler. If someone that often travel with the...
  8. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Hey everyone, I’ve finally installed the slip on I purchased here and have reviewed it extensively in my latest video. It seems like a popular choice among the crowd and I completely understand why now!
  9. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Just installed the Sc Project S1 exhaust with the m4 de-cat and it sounds super mean and looks great. Super loud and seems to add some power on the bottom end. Would recommend this setup!
  10. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    Up for sale are a few left over genuine KTM powerparts in as new condition. They will fit either the 790 or 890. Items located in Burlington, Ontario, collection is free and will post world wide at buyers expense if required. FRONT BRAKE FLUID COVER IS NOW SOLD KTM Indoor Bike Cover - $100...
  11. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    NOW SOLD Up for sale is my Spark-IT Grid 0 dual silencer titanium system in mint as new condition and less then 3 months old and only covering 300km. It will fit both 790, 790R, 890 and 890R without any modifications. Comes in original box with packaging and hangers required to mount to rear...
  12. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    I ordered an Arrow Race Pro slip on 5 weeks ago from the only SC Project importer in America. I’m having issue even getting an estimate on when I’ll get it or even a ballpark of shipping date. Anyone know a supplier that’s actually getting parts?
  13. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    Hi guys do you know the in and outside diameter of the manifold gasket? for the duke 790 with part # 69005005005
  14. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hi Everyone: 2020 790. It's been sitting for a month. Went to turn it on today and the engine screamed at me - revving on its own, idled and revved high again about 5x before i noticed smoke from the front and the bike shut itself off. Turned it back on, ran fine. Let it run to temp and...
  15. What Did You Do To Your KTM 790-890 Duke Today?
    Hey all! Being an all season rider I have to endure some rain and road salt. Having owned my 790 for 2 years now it had developed some surface rust which became a real eyesore. So I decided to try and deal with it today Would love to hear any tips and tricks to get my headers back to looking...
  16. 790-890 Duke Exhaust And Headers
    hi all I'm a new member after getting my 790 two weeks ago.... I'm after a slip on exhaust whats on offer? Regards
  17. 790-890 Duke Exhaust And Headers
    I've narrowed down my exhaust selection and am primarily looking at the Austin Racing slip-on setup. I won't be decatting or running an ECU upgrade on my incoming 890. After watching several YouTube vids, the AR slip-on (while louder) seems to have the sound I'm going after. I also feel that...
1-17 of 17 Results