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  1. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Does anyone actually know if the eBay titan headers for 790/890 duke fits in the 890? Heard so manny different opinions on this, but all is hearsay. I want to know if someone have measured inner dimensions, or if someone have mounted the titan header from eBay/aliexpress that supposedly work on...
  2. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    I ordered an Arrow Race Pro slip on 5 weeks ago from the only SC Project importer in America. I’m having issue even getting an estimate on when I’ll get it or even a ballpark of shipping date. Anyone know a supplier that’s actually getting parts?
  3. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    Hi all, This morning i installed on my Duke 890 2021 the connectivity unit in order to use the ktm my ride function. I have a s9+ and an atlas 2.0 with the shockwave audio system and i pair both of them with the bike easily, but when i try to listen music i hear nothing, as the shockwave is...
1-3 of 3 Results