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  1. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Does anyone actually know if the eBay titan headers for 790/890 duke fits in the 890? Heard so manny different opinions on this, but all is hearsay. I want to know if someone have measured inner dimensions, or if someone have mounted the titan header from eBay/aliexpress that supposedly work on...
  2. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hey Guys! I recently purchased a 2020 Duke 790 with 0 miles. It currently has 200 miles on it and which I have started to notice oil spots in my parking spot from day one. I have attached images showing where the residue of dry oil is. I’m heart broken, it’s a brand new bike. Anyone...
  3. KTM 790-890 Duke Pictures And Videos
    Uploaded some DUKE riding videos with Engine Sound only.
  4. KTM 790-890 Duke Pictures And Videos
    I made a short video on YouTube My GF was hell bent on buying a Ducati Monster a while back until we did some serious test riding. ; )
  5. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hi so my motorcycle stoped running from one day to another....finds out that the central unit it's damaged and that's the one transmiting wrong information to the abs unit, showing me the ''MTC problem''.... Any idea of what could have caused this problem?? The day before I moved the TC from...
  6. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    Hey guys, so I am looking at a trade in of my 790 for an 890r. The dealer won’t let me swap parts there so I suggested just buying the bike and swapping the parts, then bringing the 790 in for cash. My question: power plate/ m4 slip on/ air filter/ steering damper are these parts interchangeable?
  7. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hi, yesterday I used my motorcycle as normal and it runned pretty well...Today in the morning I went to my motorcycle and tried to start it but it refused and showed me the ''MTC Failure'' advise.....I bought a new batery but it still shows the advise... HELP :/
1-7 of 7 Results