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  1. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    Up for sale are genuine Evotech Performance parts in as new condition (less than a year old) and will fit the 790 and 790R models (Radiator Guard) or 790, 790R, 890 & 890R (spindle bobbins) Includes all parts for mounting. Parts are located in Burlington Ontario and can be collected for there...
  2. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    NOW SOLD Up for sale is my Spark-IT Grid 0 dual silencer titanium system in mint as new condition and less then 3 months old and only covering 300km. It will fit both 790, 790R, 890 and 890R without any modifications. Comes in original box with packaging and hangers required to mount to rear...
  3. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hey! I've just dropped of my 790 to my local KTM dealer because of a very loud engine ticking sound. Found out a couple of hours later that cylinder 2 has dropped a valve and cylinder 1 has some extreme valve wear. Bike has 14000kms on the clock. Anyone with a 790 duke that has had valve...
  4. 790-890 Duke Aftermarket Parts And Accessories
    Completed 1st oil and filter change, reset the mileage so the ⚠️ disappeared. Bike is running great, no oil leaks, quickshifter is awesome.
  5. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    The TFT screen seems like it could be easily damaged. How do you avoid damage? Is it worth putting on a screen protector?
  6. 2020+ KTM 890 Duke R
    I've test driven the 790, and loved it, but wasn't a fan of the brakes. I'm really tempted to get the 890 since it seems to improve on everything, but the 790 is like $7.5k right now and the 890 is $11.7k (plus the $750 tech package which is included in the 790 already). While the 790 may have...
  7. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    I purchased some Brembo calipers and a Brembo MC I’m going to install on my 2020 790 Duke. I know some bikes with ABS need to be connected to a computer at a dealer to properly set them up, but I’ve read of people doing the same install at home. Can anyone confirm if I can complete the install?
  8. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    So question I have a power commander 5 for my 790 duke and I am aware I cannot change any of the AF below 4 thousand rpm without removing the o2 sensors which in return will give me a check engine light. My question is if I also install a auto tune kit with wide band 02 sensors will the check...
  9. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am currently an owner of 390 duke (and I love it), but looking to buy 790 or 890r (maybe a bit too expensive) duke. I live in Croatia and when I look at 2020 model, it seems like it is actually 2019. model since tyres are not orange. When I contacted the dealer he said that it is...
  10. New Members Introduction
    Hey! To all the proud owners of Duke 790 ! I just got my first bike (ever) two days ago and have been enjoying every km since. It’s impossible to get that smile and excitement off my face, even though I still ride only in rain mode 😃 Anyway, I just wanted to say HI and if anyone here happens...
  11. 790-890 Duke Exhaust And Headers
    hi all I'm a new member after getting my 790 two weeks ago.... I'm after a slip on exhaust whats on offer? Regards
  12. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    I got the 620 miles service done at the dealership (USA) for my 2019 KTM 790 Duke. I am planning to do the regular maintenance, change the oil/fluids etc myself and keep the receipts until the next 9300 miles service at the dealership. Does this void the warranty ?
1-12 of 13 Results