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  1. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hello there, I have bought duke 790 for 1 year and it is 13xxx km now. The engine stalls randomly and followings are the scenarios happened.... First, I would like to share my bike information.... 2018 Duke 790 13xxx km Mods: Akrapovic slip-on, Decat front & mid-pipe, MWR air filter, Dyno jet...
  2. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    One of my stock rear turn signals is dangling and I cannot figure out how to pop it back into place. I have watched the video from the post below but my signal is dandling from somewhere different. https://www.790dukeforum.com/threads/dangling-rear-turn-signals.4295/#post-48545 Thank you...
  3. KTM 790-890 Duke General Discussion
    Hi all! New owner here! I have a 2018 790 duke, and I have noticed only the left DLR is working, I tried to turn it on and off, but there is no change or error code. Is there anybody familiar with this issue? Is there any way to fix it without a complete headlight change?
  4. 790-890 Duke Parts For Sale
    For sale: Andreani Misano adjustable 20mm fork cartridge kit for 2018+ KTM 790 Duke. I purchased these new from Rottweiler Performance a couple of months ago but never installed them due to changing plans for the bike. These are 100% new in box as they'd come from Rottweiler. Included springs...
  5. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hello, I have the check engine on, I took the bike to the dealer, they said it was low voltage in the starting sensor, I changed the battery, the check cleared, I did a test ride, I accelerated the bike to 170km/h, and the check engine turned on again, please help, what can it be?
  6. KTM 790-890 Duke Pictures And Videos
    I made a short video on YouTube My GF was hell bent on buying a Ducati Monster a while back until we did some serious test riding. ; )
  7. KTM 790-890 Duke Issues And Problems
    Hey! I've just dropped of my 790 to my local KTM dealer because of a very loud engine ticking sound. Found out a couple of hours later that cylinder 2 has dropped a valve and cylinder 1 has some extreme valve wear. Bike has 14000kms on the clock. Anyone with a 790 duke that has had valve...
  8. Misc Equipment
    Anyone parting out a 790D and has a radiator I’m in need of a new one. Dam chip and seal roads destroyed mine. Will 1000% get a guard now. PayPal ready.
1-8 of 10 Results