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Would you get an air conditioned helmet?

I didn't know this was a thing but apparently this company called Feher has created the world's first self-contained air-conditioned helmet. When you look at the images below it's pretty remarkable technology. But it's not cheap at $549. Would anyone consider getting one of these?

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That's a nice idea.

I have seen air conditioned motorcycle helmet over 20 (yes twenty!) years ago. The idea is to use thermo-electric components in helmets is not new. It is actually used in space application, combat pilot helmets (I think that other combat helmets these days), weapon systems, such as navigation systems for example, for a very long time. It is very space efficient and enables cooling where compressed gas solutions are too big/heavy. It is a very mature technology and, over the past few decades, its efficiency has significantly improved so power draw is getting lower, which is especially important for battery powered applications. BTW, it can both cool and heat by changing the direction of the current (and for other applications it can generate power is exposed to temperature gradients).

The fact is that it never really picked up. Maybe the current iteration will be more successful than former ones.

As for your initial question, I never really felt the need for an AC helmet. Airflow is one of the first things I check when I get a new helmet, so as long as I am moving, I am fine. If I get warm I just ride a little faster

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I don't think I would. If it were a feature that came with the helmet as kind of an added bonus (safety, performance, other features I like and want) then maybe. To be honest though, even though it is super hot out (and even in traffic) I have never really sweat so much into my helmet that I needed to wash the pads. I wouldn't mind trying it though to see if it makes a big difference. I guess it could be a game changer that no one really knows about because they aren't that common.

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