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Factory battery SLA or Lion?!

(apologies if this is the wrong subforum, i couldn't find one for electrical)

So my bike spent a week in a truck on it's way to me and then spent a while with the ignition on but the engine not running while i learned the controls.

The bike reported 12v on the dash, which is low for a fully charged battery

So i decided to charge the battery, I have a 1amp Sealed Lead Acid charger that charges then drops to trickle.

yet after at least 12 hours the charger was still in charge (not trickle) mode. Given the manual says it is a 10AH battery, if the battery was completely drained it still shouldn't have taken that long to charge.

The battery was quite warm to the touch and on my multimeter reads 13.5v (without the charger on).
I have removed the charger.

The question is "what is wrong here"? and the only thing i can think of is the battery is not SLA but a Lithium Ion instead. And it has it's own Battery Management System (BMS) built in?

or i guess my charger could be knackered too.

Can anyone confirm if the battery is SLA (AGM) or Li-ION?

The manual (P,189) mentions battery acid warnings but that could just be general warning about batteries. The manual also mentions the KTM charger 58429074000 which frustratingly can do both SLA and Li-Ion.
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For the bike price I'm pretty sure it's SLA.
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I think it was my charger, and the battery was probably nearly flat from me messing around with ignition on and the engine not running.
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