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Remarks on the quick shifter

Mine is a little abrupt and it seems to like firm toe input. I once lightly pulled on the toe shifter, it went into 3rd and then popped back down into 2nd. I'm coming from an Aprilia and that bike had very smooth shifts as long as it was above 4 grand no matter the throttle opening. The 790 QS is not as smooth as the Tuono V4 but still works fine. I'm still breaking in my bike and i notice that the gear changes are getting smoother. I only assume the transmission needs to break in as well.

I have not used the QS on down shifts yet.

I really like the bike so far. Heat isn't bad right now but summer has yet to arrive. The Tuono is a FIRE BALL when driven around town below 45 mph. I've had hot starts where the V4 refused to start. So the Duke is great in that regard.

One thing I did notice is that the fuel warning pops up and covers the entire screen. I understand that you can acknowledge this alarm by pressing the menu button, but I wish the warning didn't take up the entire screen. This annoyed me to a small degree.
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