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Most of the positive elements of the 790D have a downside....
I love the TFT dash but find it changes to night mode too easily
The motor is super torquey and responsive but blows a lot of hot air in traffic
Quick shifter works beautifully on downshifts but tends to violently reject upshifts if not under full throttle
Suspension is great now but without any adjustment it will be hard to manage deterioration over time
Seat and riding position is great for aggressive riding but monkey-butt sets in within 2 hours
OEM licence plate holder is rubbish but my after market tail-tidy does very little to prevent rear wheel spray
Nice fuel level display but after being on side stand it indicates low fuel if tank is below half
Simple cable clutch mechanism is light but feels kind of notchy on downshifts
Very minimal frontal area means that wind blast at higher speeds can be fatiguing

All in all though Iím loving this bike.

Tom in Sydney
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