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Originally Posted by OrangeRok View Post
Hi mate,yep I know Stalybridge.Not that far away from me in Huddersfield.Yes I must admit we have some pretty good roads once you get into the Dales and the Peak district,you just have to get off the beaten track to avoid the cops and the traffic, and am always finding new routes to avoid them
Its just the inbetween bits that you have to deal with all the idiots and the potholes

Lived up Scotland for 10years and the roads up there(on the West Coast)are just fantastic.
Enjoy the 790 mate.
Ride Safe
I think the real problem is too few active members, there are only 16 members whom have posted 10 or more times, yet there are 1000's of views just not enough interest.

anyone know how many 790 sold world wide yet?
must be 1000's
perhaps forums have passed to social media

Joy is riding your bike to it's limit
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