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Where are we all?

Originally Posted by Valencia John View Post
We seem to be spread around the globe a bit - I was wondering if anybody would be interested if we compiled a summary at least our country locations??

I for one am:

Continent: Europe

Country: Spain

Nationality: UK

I realize that this sort of thing is a bit tricky to compile in a forum due to the very nature of replying to posts, but I just thought it may be interesting......
Hi mate ,interesting idea.Seems like a good one.As you say we are spread about a bit.Would be interesting to catch up with people if you are visiting another country on the bike.
Like you have done we could give basic information on our location and it would be up to the member if he/she wanted to show a more specific location.
Myself I am;
Continent: Europe

Country: UK

Nationality: UK

Area/County: West Yorkshire

Dont know if the idea will catch on mate,but why not give it a try.
Hopefully will be touring again in Spain next year but will probably be on my 1190 Adv.Love it over there.
All the best mate.
Ride Safe
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